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September 11, 2022 – September 18, 2022





The bozzcatz are a collection of 9,261programmatically generated nfts with amazing artwork living on the ethereum blockchain (erc-721). With over 170+ hand drawn unique traits, heavy support /donations towards trisomy 21 and down syndrome patients, and a fully doxxed team,bozzcatz will prove why we are bozz!

My name is daniel "Neptunez05" böttcher I am 37 years old born on

March 10th 1985

(father of 3 kids & a lovely husband)

And I would like to tell you more about how this project came about.

Our son malik selim was diagnosed with down syndrome (trisomy 21) in the 10th week of pregnancy.  The shock of the first ultrasound hit my wife and I very hard, and the world stopped for a moment.

We struggled with this news for a few days and considered the implications of the disorder every day and read through a lot of posts on the internet.

My wife and I made the decision that we will do this together, because we have done everything together.

As luck would have it, our son malik selimwas born on april 8th, 2022 at exactly 9 p.M. Coincidence? He was born 6 weeks earlier than planned, but this little ray of sunshine has the heart of a lion and is getting stronger every day.

Unfortunately, children who suffer fromdown syndrome often also have a congenital heart defect, which, thanks to today's technology, can be operated on without much trouble. Malik selim also suffers from this heart defect.

So in a nutshell, malik selim when he was still in my wife's womb inspired me to start bozzcatz because bozzcatz will champion organizations that help parents who like my wife and I, have or are expecting a child with down syndrome.

Because without this little man none of this would have come into being.

Long live king malik selim.

Proud father and husband.

#bozzcatz #wagmi

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