Botanical Friends

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May 15, 2022 – May 22, 2022





Botanical friends is a collection of plants based on the design of the golden age of animation, the aim is to raise awareness of the care of plants and also the activity of artistic development, so you can access a nft of our collection by creating a fan art of our plants! Later on, users who own exotic or rare plants will receive a physical artwork on canvas created by us! This is not all, there are still more stages and collaborations!

Road map!​




===february 12th==== * proposal and first artistic sketches. * digital design inspired by the 1930's golden age of 1930's golden age of animation. ===march 19th====== * finalize the creation of plants. *create official banter. * open collection. ===april 16th======= * establish twitter connections. * create variations of the collection. ===april 17th======= * create road map design. * create discord and manage roles. ===april 20th======= * configure discord and open channels. ===april 25th======= * promote the collection and plan design a second collection in collaboration with bit bandits. ===april 27th ======= * promote the collection and plan design of a second collection in collaboration with bit bandits. * giveaway plants to new members. Of discord. * giveaway plants to those who make a fan-art of our collection a fan-art of our collection (quota for the first 20 fan-arts the first 20 fan-arts that are part of the discord). Discord). ===april 30th======= * urban intervention by placing plants from our collection in streets and streets and parks. ===may 1st========= * contest of the best fan-art (reward of a legendary plant). ===may 7th========= * introduce members to the whitelist (those who have at least one plant from our collection in their wallet). * presale of the first plants at 30% discount. ===may 15th======== * official launching of botanical. Friend's.

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