bored junkies

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October 03, 2022 – October 10, 2022





Bored Junkies NFT the first NFT Project Developed by Zessiah partnered with STN, an agency dedicated to nft digital art designs and community building. Our goal is to spread and continue to make NFT PFP Design Art all around the world for everyone, to create a community that will benefit from our works and take pleasure in the world of NFT arts, and create a brand that is known for the art and the community and not the floor price.

The theme is insipred by BAYC and Rare Labs’ RarePepe Yatch, while still maintaining the original art and not just another copy of the collections. the BoJu NFT holders will have free mints on our future collections that will also be for the community, still no roadmap and utility. any funds gathered on the Mint and Secondary sales wil be used to create more and more NFT PFP art collections for the community. Join the Bored Junkies Discord for updates and news on the second series of NFTs!

Bored Junkies NFT has been in the works since June 2021 and will be released through a paid mint price of 8 Matic Each to Support the Artist and Project. No Whitelist and No bonding curve.With a Total Suply of 8888, 1000 BoJus Will be kept for Giveaways and Event Rewards. All 200+ Posible Trait art are vectorized and will be stored on IPFS, Each NFTs are stored on the Polygon Blockchain as ERC-721 Tokens.

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