Bone Yard Poker Club - Real Utility Real Value

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September 27, 2021 – September 30, 2021






The Bone Yard Poker Club grants you access to one of the best social/poker clubs in the metaverse. Real-world meetups, special events, charitable deeds, and stimulating conversation are at the forefront of the BYPC. Highly ambitious with real utility aiming to create innovative waves in the NFT space.

Come bet in an exclusive, no-rake poker club that requires you to own our NFT to enter the 3D rendered clubhouse on OUR website. Multiple tokens can be used inside the club.

BYPC is a collection of 10,000 (de)generative poker dawgs based on the Ethereum blockchain. 5 base models with hundreds of accessories, backgrounds, and facial features. Fair distribution project with no bonding curve.

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