Beyond Street Cred

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February 27, 2022 – March 06, 2022





Today represents a first in the NFT world with Beyond Street Cred leading the way. 8888 amazing NFTs with deflationary and gated Web3 access utility: One of a kind Smart Contract featuring deflationary tokenomics never done before with an NFT. Brings rarity and higher resale value overtime as the supply diminishes. 10% of public mint auto allocated through our smart contract goes directly to St. Judes Children Research Hospital, free admission to live in-person dance events, movie premiere tickets, raffles, giveaways: Oculus Quest 2, Playstation 5, Apple Home pods, Roku 4ks, movie merchandise, "legendary" 1/1 air drops, Metaverse game and hangout in the Sandbox, Private Discord channels, one lucky NFT holder gets a SAG movie role offer with a day rate of over $1000.

About the Moive: When rivalries collide on the dance floor and differences can’t be settled with force, a dancer will unite the streets to go beyond it all. Starring Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers, Cynthia "Queen of Martial Arts" Rothrock, Leon Carswell and Hung Van Lam to name a few. A Curtis Hedges Film. 2022 © Beyond Street Cred the Movie. All rights reserved.


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