Baby From 90's

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June 02, 2023 – May 04, 2023





Hello! Hello! I am RU!

I am an artist living in Istanbul. I have opened 15 solo exhibitions in my country so far and now I say hello to you from the world of NFT. As my understanding of art, I write the story of each of my works. I am here to introduce you to my stories in this new world!

My New Story: She joined us in the 90s in the nineties and revolutionised our aesthetic perception, the popularity of these dolls increased even more and gained an important place in many people's lives. During this period, aesthetic and artistic interpretations of their dolls were also made in many different ways. Artistically speaking, dolls have been a source of inspiration for many artists. Especially photography artists made references to the popular culture of the period by photographing dolls in various poses. In addition, dolls were also featured in many works of art. For example, Jeff Koons' "Pink Panther" sculpture in the "Celebration" series features this large-sized doll figure. However, these iconic dolls have also appeared in many artworks that criticise women's body image and beauty standards. In these works, the dolls were used as a tool to criticise social norms by questioning the ideal female figure. As a result, these iconic dolls were recognised as an aesthetic and artistic icon in the 90s. Aesthetically, they were seen as a representative of the ideal female figure and artistically they were a source of inspiration for many artists. However, they were also featured in artworks that questioned and criticised women's beauty standards and body image. I wanted to recall these dolls that rewrite our aesthetic and visual memory.

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