Babes of Pluto Invasion

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February 02, 2022 – February 09, 2022





The Babes of Pluto invasion will be landing on earth 2/2/22. The launch will include 25 unique babes who make up the 1st landing party. The babes will be part of the polygon blockchain thus no gas fees will apply. 

The starting floor price shall be 0.1 ETH, 7 beautiful babes will be sold for this one time price. 6 babes will be sold for 0.15 ETH, 5 babes for 0.2 ETH and 4 for 0.25. In addition the landing party will be lead be 3 limited edition babes at the price of 0.4 ETH. We are deeply committed to an ever increasing floor price. The initial release will include 25 first edition babes. 

Going forward we intend to have a constant release schedule, 10 more babes will be landing upon earth on the 2nd of each month. Special additions may crash land at any given moment. The landing includes a giveaway which can be found on our twitter and instagram to enter. Going forward we shall be committed to a monthly giveaway to the Babes of Pluto community. 

We intend to offer extensive benefits for our NFT holders. Holders of our NFTS will have exclusive access to the Babes of Pluto universe. This incredible feature includes monthly instalments to the Babes of Pluto comic book, this gives you the key to unlocking the mystical background of each Babe and their distinctive personalities. Owners also gain entry the merchandise site and extra tickets in our giveaways. 

Babes of Pluto are committed to giving back, we will be donating 10% of all revenue to a monthly charity, first starting with MIND. We strongly take into account the views of our community for charitable donations, the Babes of Pluto are driven by nature to help as many of earths inhabitants as possible.

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