AvatArt Club: Early-bird

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May 13, 2022 – May 20, 2022





The first 500 people who visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter can mint up to six AvatArt for 5 MATIC each (an 80% discount). https://avatart.club/ 

AvatArt is a collection of 10,000 original and unique artistic NFTs created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

## What You Get with AvatArt:

* Unique (1 of 1), original, abstract artwork.
* One-person's creative project, not a corporate money-grab.
* Doxxed NFT artist/founder.
* NFT artwork images stored on IPFS.
* Low gas fees on the Polygon blockchain.
* Inexpensive minting fees.

## What You Don't Get

* A confusing whitepaper.
* A whimsical back story.
* Promises of future metaverse integration.
* Hyped-up claims about utility.

## How You Can Participate 

* [Mint AvatArt on Polygon blockchain](https://avatart.club/)
* [Secondary sales on Rarible](https://rarible.com/avatartclub/items)
* [Secondary sales on OpenSea](https://opensea.io/collection/avatart-club)
* [Join our Discord server](https://discord.gg/CJAdh4RugN)
* [Join our mailing list](http://eepurl.com/h0W5tr) 

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