Auras by Jeremy Cowart

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May 09, 2023 – May 16, 2023







On May 2nd 2023, artist Jeremy Cowart created his historic AURAS project, which which is now 10,000 completely unique NFT’s produced in 20 minutes start to finish without relying on generative code. It was the first time Cowart has ever publicly revealed his creative process that he has spent 10 years privately developing in his studio.

Captured as the default PFP, Cowart himself was the blank canvas, wearing all white, including a white mask. Cowart took rarity to historic new levels by turning them into a live performance… the lighting setups, the hats he wore, the photo editing styes, the robotic prisms, the body positioning, and the 150+ images projecting behind him and on his body all went into the rarity traits. Once finished, Cowart commissioned a team of 20+ people to manually assign the rarity traits since the entire project was created through analog methods.

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