Ape Racing Academy

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





Ape Racing Academy is a community-based collection of 10.000 ERC721 costing each 0.04 eth.

The community and brand development wallet will be filled with 50% of the royalties and external profits.

Owners will decide the future of a racing brand involving sponsorship, merch, media, and a sandbox racing track where 100% of these profits go to the community wallet  Sponsorship involve supporting promising racing athletes, leagues & championship. We also intend to build the first racing track of the Metaverse in Sandbox to use it like an IRL stadium where other NFT project could rent some ads during events to promote their project, with all the funds going to the community wallet as well. While ARA holders will be the ones able to play and participate in all the events for free, the track will be theirs.

We will develop our community through meetings in the most famous sports events, gaming hubs, radio, and sports & crypto media to develop our community.

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