Abstract Atmosphere

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February 10, 2022 – February 17, 2022





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A special edition collection of 66 unique pieces of artwork derived from the collection ‘Atmosphere’, released as 87 limited edition framed prints and NFTs, to celebrate each year of the artist's great grandfather's life, Gordon Miller Bourne Dobson CBE FRS (1889-1976) who did historic work on Atmosphere. The body of work takes abstractions from the largest art creations from the collection 'Atmosphere' and presents them as their own unique pieces of art, allowing purchasers to own and enjoy a small piece of the larger masterworks. The accompanying NFT release of 'Abstract Atmosphere' follow’s Rey’s sellout NFT collections of ‘Dimensions’, ‘Paradiso’ and ‘Atmosphere'.

The collection ‘Atmosphere’ transmits a mixture of serene and powerful movements, combined with a stunning iridescence of colours found across the expanse above us. It serves as an artistic exploration of the many spheres between the earth’s surface and the void of space. Using inspirational source images from NASA, Rey transforms these ground breaking images through his process of 'Phototranscendence', applying various digital painting techniques to create vast immersive artworks, whilst preserving the original colour palette.​

Tags: #art

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