8bit Bar NFT

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November 25, 2021 – November 30, 2021





Stealth launch of 3,333 OG cocktails concocted generatively on the Ethereum Blockchain and forever immutable on the drinks menu of the Metaverse Bar.

Each 8bit Bar NFT grants exclusive access to IRL meetups at NFT / crypto events and gives the HODLer the ownership of the unique concoction. We believe that virtual gatherings of like-minded people should also happen in real life. Therefore, we want to gather the NFT community around a common denominator in the form of alcohol, yet maintain the uniqueness of each individual in make up of a cocktail!

8bit Bar cocktails are made up of (a) base alcohol (b) secondary liqeuer (c) mixer (d) garnish and (e) decoration. Lucky if you get a cocktail on flame, or smoky or with dry ice!

Further utility such as free t-shirt from our official apparel partner, FatDadTeeShirts, and partner discounts from IRL alcohol delivery / bars, will be built as the community grows.

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