8-Bit Army Drop #1

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





8-bit Army is a collection of 1,000 soldiers! 
March 1st we are dropping the first 100 NFTs to the market. 
After the drop 10 Lucky Holders will be Selected for the whitelist, and given discounted NFTs.
You may also gain a whitelist by joining the discord and helping grow the community. 
Soldier's rarity is completely randomized (background, properties etc.)

The Roadmap:

1,000 Unique Soldiers will be made available through 5 drops over a two-month span. Once all 8-Bit Soldiers have been sold the funds will be re-invested into the project to help develop the post drop period. This includes Merch & possible Game development. Post Drop period when all Soldiers are sold, all holders of an 8-Bit Army NFT Are going to be eligible to get sent high-quality resolution Images of their NFTs & select a merch item with their NFT on it. A merch list will be added of available items once the project goal is filled. *To get the items you must be in the discord server to contact "8-BIT" about getting your Images & merch items. Provided 8-Bit Army can have a successful Launch period and people are invested in the project we plan on releasing an armory to get your soldiers equipped with weapons for the possible development of an 8-Bit style war game.

Until then, keep your Soldiers safe & Get ready for an amazing drop!

Drop Floor Price: 0.02 ETH 

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