3DBITSTARS Minting Event

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September 11, 2021 – September 11, 2021







On Sunday 12.09 at 17:30 UTC the 3DBITSTARS NFT Minting will start! One BITSTAR will only cost $80 in minting! The project was started by a well-known crypto enthusiast with a 2-year-old Crypto Telegram group.


There will be 10,000 NFTs per batch. A batch contains 10 celebrities each distributed on 1000x NFTs. These 1000x NFTs per celebrity are further divided into 750x Common NFTs, 200x Rare NFTs, and 50 Legendary NFTs. These Legendary NFTs have one more unique feature. The colour of their laser eyes. There are 35x yellow laser eyes, 14x green laser eyes, and only 1x version with red laser eyes for each celebrity!

Passive Income!

The 3DBITSTARS have a partnership with a project that will be announced very soon. This project will allow 3DBITSTARS owners to receive a regular passive income from their NFTs through Yield Farming Vaults.


There are currently two competitions running. On the one hand, personalised NFT/200 USDT and BITSTARS T-shirts will be raffled. More info here:
There is also a Discord competition going on. The user who invites the most users to Discord until September 19th will also receive 200 USDT!

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