3D 8-Bit Santa Slaying Avocado

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December 17, 2021 – December 24, 2021





Almost Cryptos is a 3d 8-bit art collection based off the Almost Heroes (soon to be) cartoon series based on the art style by Pendleton Ward which also have available NFT’s on Opensea. The cartoon series follows 3 best friends living in up state California getting into all kinds of misadventures. With a large variety of characters already available on the Almost Heroes Collection, you can find these and more 8-bit creations on Almost Cyptos.

  1. Original Characters, art style, and creations on Almost Heroes
  2. New 8-bit 2D and 3D Art on Almost Cryptos
  3. Visit the homepage at GeekvsFan.com

New 3D 8-Bit Santa Slaying Avocado hits OPENSEA 12/17/21


On 12/17/21 we are picking winners in our Giveaway and right after that Dropping a new NFT. 

Tags: #art

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