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November 05, 2022 – November 12, 2022





Did you ever think that someday you could buy a T-shirt or hoodie and earn points or money by wearing it and sharing its message?

Also, did you ever think that by purchasing that T-shirt you would become an intrinsic part of the brand? How? By participating in choosing the designs to be produced, the graphics for marketing or corporate strategies through a simple voting mechanism.

Now all this has become a reality with 0xYGEN3, your new phygital fashion brand.

In a nutshell, the concept behind the origin of 0xYGEN3 is to create a growing, constantly moving community. We thought of using clothing (tomorrow maybe we will use other tools or media) to share our project, so we can reach out to people to help develop an independent community and a recognizable shared brand.

We will raise this project together as we go! It will be a project open to anyone who cares about authenticity, loyalty, and uniqueness in all its forms. It will be a community open to anyone who cares diversity is an essential resource for building a better society, not an issue.

Our roadmap:

Q4 2022 PUBLIC SALE - No tasks to perform! Simply the desire to be part of a community. Minting an NFT is only the first of many steps to be taken together. 5% of the revenue from the primary sale will go into a treasury.

Q1 2023 VIRTUAL SPACE - Building a virtual space without cultural fences for sharing ideas and interests, where we can each express our uniqueness and find insights and interests in common with others.

Q2 2023 CONSTITUTION OF A DAO - As soon as our community has taken shape, its logical evolution will be the transformation to DAO. We will develop new projects for individual members and the entire community.

Q3 2023 FUNDRAISING AND DEVELOPMENT - The DAO will have a better chance of proposing its projects to investors. The next step? Increase the competence within DAO to develop new projects in humanities, health, sustainable energy, and peace.

If you want to be part of this movement and actively contribute to its development, wait no longer.

Join us in the new phygital fashion era!

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