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A renowned digital collage artist Natasha Chomko better known under the pseudonym Post Wook is a vibrant representative of modern art. In her work, the creator combines snippets of landscapes from around the globe to form surrealistic pieces that fit both avid psychonauts and average observers. 

Having started with drawing and painting in her childhood, Natasha was drawn to collage art at the age of 12. It was a perfect way for self-expression, which has been still resonating with her soul ever since. Natasha’s art is rich in symbolism and is mainly centered around her emotions, fears, and experiences. 

Post Wook takes the process of making heart seriously and with much diligence. It is based on a few stages: layers, composition, and editing. Firstly, she edits or searches her own images, cuts them, and saves pre-cut files to the hard drive. For composition, Natasha usually gets inspired by a specific layer or a color palette. While listening to music, she proceeds to editing, which takes from 12 to 24 hours.

Like many of her colleagues, Chomko has once discovered the decentralized world of web3 art and NFTs, which continues to inspire her nowadays. Currently, the artist is rightfully called a prominent voice in web3, bridging the gap between art and technology.

The creator herself defines her art as contemporary surrealism collage art. Speaking with images of nature and outer space, Post Wook inspires other creative minds for new endeavors, proving that there is no limit to self-expression through art. 

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