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Frenetik Void

Franco Verrascina, popularly known as Frenetik Void, was born in 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He currently lives and works in Buenos. His father’s relationship with software development connected him to digital technology since childhood. The name Frenetik Void was born as a result of his artistic exploration in digital art. He is a 3D artist whose work has been shown at various exhibitions, including Iconic Biennale, The Wrong Digital Art Biennale, and has also received several international awards.

Frenetik Void has been a top crypto artist for a long time. He has featured some of the most detailed and beautiful renders featured in the NTF space. He has also featured five brand-new artworks on Nifty Gateway. Some of his works include

  • Humano
  • Racional
  • The Clairvoyant’s tragedy
  • The sentence of someone
  • Collection of Truths

This artist has been featured in Milton Sanz and Oxeegeno in their latest NFT drop, Game Disease. His unique creativity and distinctive style have earned him several popular clients, including Oreo, Uber, Google, Toyota, and the BBC.

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