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Dosbrak is an Irish artist from Cork who combines digital tools with hands-on skills on canvas to create art. Most of his creations are caricatures of famous individuals in America. Through his art, Dosbrak markets fight for global brands such as UFC and ESPN. He uses mainstream social media platforms for marketing his art. His growth strategy includes partnerships with athletes in combat sports such as Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson, and Joe Rogan. The collaborations have led to an exponential growth of his Instagram and Twitter pages.

Besides the UFC commissions, Conor McGregor requested personal artwork. In a show of support, the renowned UFC fighter made a trip to Dosbrak’s studio. He took and posted a picture with the artwork he had commissioned on his Instagram page, with over 30 million followers. Dosbrak entered the NFT space with a debut drop named “Crown Collection - Part 1” on markersplace. The second drop followed in the same summer of 2021 under the title “Screen Icon$.”

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