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Andrea Bonaceto

Andrea Bonaceto is a visual artist, technologist, and a Partner of the Eterna Capital Limited, investment firm based on blockchain technology. He was born in Pisa, grew up in Viareggio and is currently based in London, England. He holds an MSC in Finance from Imperial College in London but has chosen to follow his passion for portraits and artworks. He is inspired by people’s facial expressions as well as abstract artefacts of nature and uses acrylic colours to create colourful artworks either on paper, canvas, gessobord, or digital media. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts based in London.

His artistic works are rich in colors emphasizing the human soul, on its core. The human is not everything however and therefore he contacted the creators of Sophia the robot. His collaboration with Sophia led to creation of digitals artworks, ARTificial Intelligence, released as NFTs in the cryptoart market.

Apart from art, Bonaceto is also an investor through Eterna capital. He launched Eterna capital in 2018 with 3 ex-Blackrock employees and it has since established itself as a leading firm with a successful track record.

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