Yves Saint Laurent Revealed Its Web3 Vector by Filing for NFT and Metaverse-Related Applications

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most provocative luxury beauty brands, embodying the core values of high fashion. Currently, the eponymous French label is preparing to celebrate a new significant milestone in its history, bringing its sixty-year-old legacy to web3. Thus, following in the footsteps of other luxury beauty brands, including L'Oreal, Givenchy, and alike, YSL has recently filed for NFT and metaverse trademark applications, concerning its sonorous brand name and logo

Traditionally, the news was shared by the licensed United States Patent and Trademark Office attorney Mike Kondoudis via a tweet that reads: "Fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent has filed trademark applications for its name and logo. The applications claim plans for NFT-backed media, stores featuring virtual goods, virtual makeup, cosmetics, and skincare preparations... and more!"

This means that the French brand is planning to utilize NFT technology for authenticating beauty and skincare-related digital artworks, videos, audio, and other IP. To make it possible, the brand will create downloadable multimedia files through NFTs featuring illustrations, text, music, and video files.

Moreover, the company is looking forward to providing online sales services to its clients, offering top-notch branded virtual goods for use in the metaverse.

The luxury brand will also issue metaverse-ready body and hair-care products to use in virtual ecosystems. Additionally, among other plans, YSL is thinking of building physical stores to sell virtual goods. 

This application of January 12th comes as no surprise, as the brand is not new to web3 initiatives, although they are not that numerous. In June 2022 Yves Saint Laurent Beauté launched its initial 10K-piece Golden Blocks NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain which was quite successful. 

The web3 filing of Yves Saint Laurent comes as a good start for the new year, which is rumored to go under the metaverse auspices. Thus, such a big step by the beauty industry titan signals nothing but the uprightness of web3-centered moods around the world.