Unifred Unifred 04.08.2023

nWay Partners With Yuga Labs to Launch Season 1 of Web3-powered Game Wreck League

Animoca Brands-owned game developer and publisher nWay has announced the ongoing development of its 3D mech fighters game dubbed the Wreck League. For the first season of the game, nWay will feature the characters from four NFT collections created by Yuga Labs – BAYC, MAYC, Otherside Kodas, and Bored Ape Kennel Club. 

The Web3-powered game touts itself as the “next chapter in the evolution of fighting games, competitive gaming and esports.” Launching in September, Wreck League will be offered as a Web3 game alongside Web2 for non-crypto players. The initial version of the game will focus solely on 1v1 battles with 2v2 and 3v3 battles to be added in the future. Still, developers added that the game will not become a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).

Wreck League will provide its in-game mechs and components in the form of Ethereum-based NFTs. High-performance Mechs are crafted from 10 individual Mech Parts NFTs which players will be able to assemble and then customize for getting an in-game fighter for battles. There will also be a leadership board where the best gamers will compete for first place and access on-chain prizes.

nWay CEO Taehoon Kim stressed that the new game will not support the idea of giving financially-privileged players an edge over others.

“[Wreck League] avoids a strict pay-to-win model. The gameplay in Wreck League strikes a balance between skill, luck, and the quality of your mech. While having a better mech can provide an advantage, it doesn’t guarantee victory. Much like real-world sports, such as F1 racing where better equipment and car and car parts may give an edge, victory is not guaranteed. Ultimately the game is designed with competitive esports in mind,” he said.

With non-crypto gamers in mind, nWay will allow Wreck League players to disassemble and migrate their Mech NFTs to the game’s Web2 counterpart.

Choosing Yuga Labs as its first partner is a well-thought move. Taking into account a huge fandom of a Web3 brand, Wreck League is most likely to see a massive influx of gamers when the game is launched. Yuga Labs in its turn will also benefit from the game providing its community with exciting gaming experience and additional utility.