Nike x RTFKT Studios Hint the Creation of Both Digital and Physical Merch Collection

The CloneX community is now jumping with anticipation, as Nike x RTFKT Studios have teased a phygital apparel collection for Clone avatars to be launched soon.

The recent tweet by RTFKT shows the result of the joint efforts with Nike, namely a trendy black hoodie worn by the CloneX girl with branded print on both front and back sides. This digital wearable is a "fusion of Nike and RTFKT world," and is a hint towards the fusion of the IRL and VR, which signals the introduction of the Nike x RTFKT physical merch collection.

“This is not your usual physical hoodie, this hoodie is designed for special functions,” RTFKT co-founder Benoit Pegotta's Twitter post reads. In just no time, RTFKT Studios came up with the anticipated confirmation on Instagram, saying that the hoodie will be available as both a Clone wearable and a “forgeable physical soon.” 

The above-mentioned Instagram post also teased a pair of the Nike Dunk Genesis CRYPTOKICKS VR sneakers NFT launched a week ago. 

For now, neither Nike nor RTFKT don't comment on the creation of the CryptoKicks sneaker physical collection. But that would be really awesome, eh?