NASA and SpaceX Crew to Deliver Azuki's Bobu NFTs to the Space Orbit

The trendsetting NFT brand Azuki never ceases to surprise, driving its large community straight to the Moon. Now, in the literal sense! 

Just imagine, the 2K Bean Farmer NFTs by Azuki, stored on the Ledger hardware wallet, are about to travel to the International Space Station! The full collection of Bobus will join the NASA and SpaceX Crew-4 astronauts in their one-month stellar journey.

To hype on the upcoming mission, Azuki teased their 280K Twitter community with a joyful post, saying, “One small step for farmers. One giant leap for beans.”

The Azuki's officials have also announced another partnership with the Grand Canyon University's student organization named STELLAR for researching “…energy output and electrical characteristics of a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) run in a microgravity environment.” Thus, Bobu the farmer will contribute to significant humanitarian research, alongside driving the Azuki brand to the most possible and impossible heights. 

Bobu 2K tokens are fractions of the iconic Azuki #40 non-fungible token. The #40 was chosen to become the centerpiece of the major experiment in decentralized governance of IP by Azuki last month. Thus, the NFT was deposited in a decentralized Vault to be later fractionated into 50,000 smaller pieces. And only 2K of those crowds of NFTs will soon ride to the International Space Station. It's also worth noting that those Bobu NFTs are estimated at $1 million!

The experiment resulted in the creation of the ERC-1155 token, allowing the Bobu holders to participate in collective governance over Bobu’s character and become part of the Azuki fam.

To celebrate the stellar mission's launch, the Azuki government decided to reward the Bobu the Bean Farmer NFT holders by treating them to an airdrop of exclusive souvenirs.

The exact time of the launch of Bobu NFTs into Space on April 23rd will be soon unveiled on Azuki's official Discord server. Stay tuned!