Chris Chris 03.11.2022

Real World Utility For Mental Health & Wellness Improvement β€” Founder's Interview

Greetings, NFT enthusiasts! My guest today is Mike Nebrich — Co-Founder & COO of Mind’s Best Friend, Background in corporate marketing

Chris: Good day! Thanks for doing the interview. Your project sets out to bridge the gap between the Metaverse & the real World. What are the ways in which you intend to do this?

Mike: When we created this project, we really wanted to find a way of bringing a real-world issue into the NFT and Web3 space. Our first step in bridging the gap between the two is by providing our holders access to real world utilities through the purchase of one of our NFT emotional support pups. Phase two will consist of bringing our pups into the metaverse itself, more information to come throughout the course of the project

Chris: This is big time. Tell our readers about the benefits associated with holding your NFT, please.

Mike: Our one mission for this project is to raise awareness for and improve the mental health & wellness of our community by providing our holders real world utilities and tools for self-empowerment in the comfort of your home. Holders of our NFTs will have access to a variety of real-world utilities such as:

- A one year subscription to the most powerful, science backed wellness combination tool with Gallup W@W and Happify by Twill. The combination of W@W and Happify provides our holders an unmatched two step approach to achieving mental and wellness improvement and empowerment.

- Access to our virtual seminars featuring mental health & wellness experts and motivational speakers.

- Access to airdrops featuring new emotional support pup characters

- Access to our one-of-a-kind Puppy Treat Program, giving holders the ability to customize their pups with traits of their choosing.

Chris: Okay, and what is the price?

Mike: Premint Price: 0.06 ETH
Public Price: 0.08 ETH

Chris: Can you tell us about Virtual Expert Speaker Seminars? It caught my eye.

Mike: We are really excited about our Virtual Speaker Seminars. Beginning Q1 2023, we will begin our virtual seminars featuring mental health & wellness experts and motivational speakers.

Each seminar will feature a unique topic to help guide our holders on their journey. Given mental health and wellness is not a “one treatment fixes all” issue, we want to make sure that every speaker session features new information for our holders.

Seminars are designed to provide our holders an opportunity to hear from experts in the field and acquire knowledge for self-empowerment and personal development, all from the comfort of home.

Chris: When is the public launch?

Mike: Premint Date: November 15
Public Mint Date: November 16

Chris: I can see you have a Merch Store also?

Mike: We will have one opening up to our holders in early 2023. We think our emotional support pups not only represent help for people and their mental states, but they are also very cute!

Throughout the project, holders will have access to exclusive free merch as well as deeply discounted merch to rep their favorite pup and proudly display the project!

Chris: What are the critical stages of your roadmap?

Mike: I’d say the most critical stages of the roadmap focus around our two biggest utilities, those being our partnership with Gallup W@W + Happify and our Virtual Speaker Seminars. Getting these utilities into the hands of our holders will allow them begin their mental health & wellness journey to achieve mental improvement and self-empowerment.

Chris: Thank you! Anything else you would like to share with us?

Mike: We appreciate the time to speak to your audience about our project. The biggest thing we want readers to know is that if you are struggling at all with your mental health & wellness, you are not alone. You don’t have to fight alone. Mental health struggles are not easy to talk about, but the beauty of the NFT and Web3 space is you can stay completely anonymous if that’s what you choose. We don’t collect your data, we don’t ask your name, nothing. Our community gives people a safe place to share what’s going on in their minds and our utilities are specifically designed to help you on your journey from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t struggle in silence by yourself. Join our community (Discord, Twitter) and begin your journey to empowerment with Mind’s Best Friend!