Unifred Unifred 12.08.2023

DeGods Unveils Season 3 of Its PFP NFT Collection

Renowned NFT project DeGods has recently made headlines by unveiling Season III of its popular PFP NFT collection. The latest edition contains 20,000 new pieces of generative art that do not dilute the existing art pieces. Instead, they provide minor updates and breathe new life into the existing DeGods. The team behind the project says they were doing their best to make the ‘most elegant PFP collection possible,’ simplifying traits and backgrounds. 

"The new DeGods are flat by design. That's on purpose. The Downgrade is focused on simplicity. We reduced all of the details to the bare minimum," Dust Labs said.

As part of the update, dubbed 'The Downgrade', the creators were going to introduce female DeGods that holders could swap for their male DeGods. However, overwhelming feedback against the move made the project to postpone the launch of Female DeGods, pending the gathering of more feedback from women in the community.

DeGods stated that it would cost holders 333 DUST (approx. $750 at current prices) to upgrade their PFPs. The launch date for Season 3 is August 13th. 

The creators also added that 100% of the DUST collected will be put into the Points Parlor prize pool. This is a novel points system aimed at changing the way users get rewarded by NFT projects. Thus, all DeGods Season 3 holders who stake their DeGods NFTs will be able to play and earn exclusive prizes. DeGods also noted that if users can't afford to pay 333 DUST, they will still have a chance to experience the artwork and win prizes as the price will gradually decrease. 

The reveal of the third season resulted in a leap in DeGods’ trading sales volume. According to the data from CryptoSlam, DeGods has attracted a trading sales volume of $5.1 million over the past week, ranking as the third most traded NFT collection.

Meanwhile, DeGods' move to enhance its collection with new updates and features highlights the project’s dedication to enhancing its community experience and opening up an avenue for future developments.