Chris Chris 23.03.2022

During the course of the Collection Sale there are Chances of the Owner Receiving another NFT — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Bill: Hello Everyone, first thank you very much for the chance to share some light about my collection the BeoWoofs.
I am Bill/Beowulf , founder of the BeoWoofs which is my first NFT collection and i'm also the PixelArtist behind the NFt's art,
I have been since young, always interested with information technology, some years ago I finally found my dream work as a pixel artist and gamedeveloper, which is my current passion, I have been an artist for various NFT collections before, and now I am doing my own collection "the BeoWoofs".

Chris: The Beowoofs are digital pixelated art creations. What is unique about these 693 tokens?

Bill: The BeoWoofs are handmade pixelart dogs characters, created with much love during the course of more than 6 months.
Each BeoWoof is unique on its own attributes and visual characteristics, they are the perfect collectible to be gifted or adopted, these 693 tokens are the special first generation of the dogs. The intention with this collection is not only provide charming collectible pets that live inside the blockchain, but also bringing the matter to the real world helping organizations that take care of abandoned and abused street dogs.

Chris: You have 3 members on the team. What are the contributions of each member towards the creation of the Beowoofs?

Bill: Beowulf : Main Artist of the NFTs, Game Developer and collection founder responsible for the Mint page creation and all the art of the colleciton

Corrino : Solidity Developer responsible for the blockchain contract and its functions

Uerder Verder : Secondary Artist, responsible for also marketing and moderation

Chris: Beowoofs NFTs are dogs created through pixel art in the digital workspace. What are the main differentiating features of these dogs an NFT?

Bill: Each little puppy dog starts its life which its own characteristic attributes, for example the fur is a differentiation, gender and also background, when it grows up it will inherit these predominant Attributes on their adult form. Also 5 of the BeoWoofs within the collection are unique, and have unique colors, design, animation, and background and they also grow into their adult Forms.

Chris: Chiefly, what is the price per token of Beowoofs? Do you also set limits to the number of NFTs that can be minted in a transaction?

Bill: The price per BeoWoof token is 0.06, and the only limit is 10 tokens by address

Chris: Now, the Beowoofs are tokens that can grow and evolve. What exactly is meant by that?

Bill: Our NFTs are dynamic they start in the form of  a puppy and after 15 days holding your BeoWoof puppy token,
it will evolve into an Adult BeoWoof inheriting the same color, and background of your puppy but with new randomized equipments and parts attributes.

Chris: There are some owner benefits associated with the Beowoofs. What are the benefits assigned to the owner on purchase and in the future?

Bill: On the purchase the owner will be able to choose which color of BeoWoof he wants through our minting page which is a unique Feature of our collection and was made totally inside the GameMaker Engine, and during the course of the collection sale there are chances of the owner receiving another NFT.

Chris: In the end, what are your future plans for the Beowoofs? What are some of the new features and adaptations lined up for 2022?

Bill: We’re in this for the long haul. There are many more features planned to be inside the website like the "WoofDex" which will show detailed information of all the BeoWoofs and all the attributes inside the collection , And when the collection is fully sold out we plan to work on the possibility of using them inside a game where you'll be able to go in an adventure with your BeoWoofs. Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.