Chris Chris 23.03.2022

Part of the Proceeds from Token sales will Go to the Fund for Special Children — Founder's Interview

This time around we are talking to Igor Kudryavtsev, father of the author and artist of the Charity Cards Club project.

Chris: Charity Cards club supports special children. What is the concept of the token and how does it help the cause of teaching digital art to children with special needs?

Igor: The creator of the tokens is a young talented 3D artist, Yaroslav Kudryavtsev. The boy was born deaf, but thanks to science and medicine, he was able to hear and speak. His desire to support children with developmental disabilities was the concept of our project. NFT tokens will help make digital art education possible and help discover and develop the abilities of special children. Part of the proceeds from token sales will go to the fund for special children

Chris: Furthermore, Charity and Ice-cream? We are unable to connect the artwork and cause. Please help us understand the reason for picking ice cream images.

Igor: The concept of ice cream is caused by the direct association with the element of cold, in some places cruel and indifferent, just like the real world for children with disabilities. But at the same time, the splendour of taste and brightness of emotion that ice cream provides is similar to what special children give to our world by realising themselves in art. Also, ice cream is an artist's favorite treat.

Chris: We like the idea and we want to support the cause. What can an individual do to participate in the NFT project?

Igor: You can support us by reposting, subscribing to our Twitter, joining the Discord server, or buying our NFTs.

Chris: So how many such tokens will be released in the Metaverse? What are the different traits that set each token apart?

Igor: Right now 1,000 male ice cream have been released at a fixed price of 0.03 wETH. After they are sold, 1,000 female ice cream will be released. After their list, 3,555 baby ice cream tokens will be released. Our tokens are distinguished by different kinds of hats, glasses, mustaches, eyes, teeth, chains, body colors, sticks, powder and icons denoting people's limitations.

Chris: Likewise, what will be the price of these NFTs at the public sale? How much will be the cost of minting these tokens?

Igor: The first 1 thousand which is already minted and listed sells for 0.03 wETH. Ice cream girls will list from the site at 0.03 wETH. 1000 ice cream babies will be given as gifts to the pair holders, other 2,555 will list at 0.03 wETH.

Chris: Do you plan to have a whitelist or a presale? For updates on this, what are your official channels of communication?

Igor: Yes, we are already giving away 100 NFT on the site, so far only 34 have been given away. There will also be a giveaway on Twitter and Discord in the future.

Chris: Also, what are your plans for the future prospects of the token? How do you plan to sustain its popularity?

Igor: In the future, we are planning to hold charity and private auctions of young artists' artwork. All funds from which will be used for the development of social workshops and galleries in the meta universes. Only NFT ice-cream holders will have access to the auctions.