Chris Chris 23.03.2022

Holders will Receive Royalties from the Worldwide Sales of the Collectibles — Founder's Interview

Greetings, NFT lovers! My guest today is Leon Groenewoud (@RealNightKing) — VP, Allied Esports & Founder, EPICBEAST.

Chris: The EpicBeast is a collaboration with an esports entertainment leader Allied Sports. What does this joint venture plan to bring forth with EpicBeast NFTs?

Leon: EPICBEAST was created by Allied Esports, one of the top companies in esports entertainment and a leader in physical venues, events and content. Our mission is to elevate and excite gamers, creators, competition and content. We have spent the past seven years building and serving gaming communities around the world, and we see a very natural progression to doing the same with EPICBEAST and future web3 initiatives.

Chris: Consequently, what would be the benefits of owning an EpicBeast NFT? What all can I do with my token?

Leon: First, the art is amazing. 8,591 beasts inspired by popular gaming characters past and present. The feedback we’ve received has been incredible and we can’t wait to see them all revealed.

Next, EPICBEAST is all about immediate benefits and long-term value. Holders will receive free customizable merch in April, access to a VIP party at our HyperX Arena Las Vegas in May, and royalties from a collectible figurine launch in June, where 100% of worldwide profits will be delivered back to the community. EPICBEAST will also provide holders with access to Allied Esports-backed IRL events and future metaverse experiences. 

Chris: Moreover, holders are entitled to royalties. What percentage of secondary market sales would be shared as royalties to holders? 

Leon: Holders – those who share certain traits with our collectible figurines – will receive royalties from the worldwide sales of the collectibles. Holders will not receive royalties from EPICBEAST NFT sales on the secondary market.

Chris: Similarly, while speaking of merch drop and entitlements to the holders, what kind of products can one expect in real life?

Leon: Without jumping beyond our Stage 1 roadmap, EPICBEAST holders will be part of a massive merch drop in April. Each NFT sold will have access to one piece of customizable merchandise at no cost. That NFT can be bought and sold on the market with that merch used or unclaimed, potentially creating additional value for holders that choose to not cash in on their merch right away. 

Chris: The EpicBeast NFTs differ by around 200 different traits. Which one of these are the rare traits? Please define them for your investors.

Leon: There are actually more than 300 unique traits in the collection. The rarity of certain traits will be revealed at a later time. And there are 20 “Legendary Beasts” that we believe will be extremely valuable. 

Chris: So, what will be the price of each token for the EpicBeast NFTs? Do you also have a price benefit for your presale?

Leon: Creating an entry point that is accessible to the masses was important to us and we believe our prices reflect that.

A two-day presale starts on Friday, March 25 and will be available to discord members that hold OG (0.045 ETH per token) and BEASTLIST (0.055 ETH) roles. 

Should any NFTs remain after presale, the public sale will take place on Sunday, March 27 at a price of 0.065 ETH.

Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: Finally, please describe the minting process for the interest of the investors.

Leon: EPICBEAST will have an optimized contract (ERC721A) to keep gas fees low for the community, and the minting process will be very simple. Just go to where you will be redirected to a separate minting website. Simple instructions will be outlined on that page.