YOU by RAC X Andres Reisinger

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March 26, 2021 – March 26, 2021





A Grammy award-winning recording artist, RAC, and the award winning visual artist, Andreas Reisinger, have teamed up for a great drop.

On the 26th of March, an NFT series of artworks by two masters is going to be released on Nifty Gateway.

RAC is releasing his brand new EP with a tokenized counterpart. Andreas Reisinger, in his turn, created 8 x amazing objects to better convey the sound and the idea of the EP.

In general, RAC wrote 8 new songs to fit every one of the 8 objects in addition to the 5 tracks on the EP. These tracks will only exist in NFT format.

“Our new project "YOU" is based around the idea of objects left behind from previous relationships - those small details that feel completely mundane but intensely personal. It's about how we tie our life experiences to these minute segments of our lives and how impossible it can feel to let something go that represents them - almost like proof that it happened. It's about what you hold on to simply because if you get rid of it, you're forced to move on. At the same time, while it's sad that it ended, you're still glad that it happened. "YOU" at its core is about the objects that keep a distant memory alive” – the artists describe the drop.

The details of the drop, clarified on the Instagram account of RAC:

  • 8 x silent auctions with 1/100 editions (45 min.)
  • top 10 of each object receives a free 12" LP vinyl
  • 1/1 "the object" was created specifically for this release. It's a physical sculpture, but it's also a speaker and features a 1-hour ambient piece created by RAC that is unique to the physical item.
  • 1/1 "the room", an animated version of the EP cover with a new arrangement of "feel you".

Now tell me, can you miss this? Of course, not! Add the event to your calendar!

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