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Andrés Reisinger

Andrés Reisinger is a multidisciplinary creative from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. His specialization lies in the disciplines of 3D design, art directing, and motion graphics design. He brought together a team of other creatives to work in his studio, Reisinger Studio. He is listed as the founder. Andrés studied at Universidad de Buenos Aires before dropping out to pursue an art career. The decision proved fruitful as he is one of the most celebrated artists in Spain.

Some of his biggest clients include Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung. Forbes took note of his extraordinary talent and listed him among Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs in Europe. Part of his efforts to give back to society includes holding talks with upcoming creatives to share tips for overcoming hurdles in the art industry. On entry into the NFT space, this artist combined efforts with Ras in a collection titled “You.” The two artists released their work on the Nifty Gateway in the Spring of 2021.

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