Wolf Age

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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022





Wolf Age is a collection of 7777 special limited and fully pixel art! Wolves NFT living on the Solana Blockchain!

They are 7,777 unique wolves that have been identified from across the multiverse. The mysteries and stories that all of them were a part of, the scribes and sorcerers, called it Wolf Age.

Each artwork is original and a fundamental part of this universe, the collection focuses on giving the owners the power of possession over them, being part of this age and having benefits in the real world.

The best time to get into the project is now because after the minting process is over, we will start working on our marketing campaign (listing it on the most appropriate markets for our community and doing collaborations with other projects). Because of that, your wolves will cost a lot more. We will reach the moon!


- NFT Reward
- NFT Airdrop
- Special access to further steps

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