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November 17, 2022 – November 24, 2022



A wizbud is the main character of wizbuds universe, an ecosystem of friendly characters.

-IP development and physical collectibles brand.

-Level up to earn ranks, rewards and achievements.

-Innovative monetization System (Never done before). Build your own sub-collection of pixel wizbuds.

(DETAILS on: https://Wizbuds.io )

Our mint will be divided on 3 phases. WL Phase 1 - WL phase 2 and Public.

This raffle is only for Phase 2 WL spots. If you want also to participate for a Phase 1 WL spot stay tunned to our disc and tw, we will be making events and giveaways.

every one of the 90 elder wizbuds will get a free mint: https://opensea.io/es/collection/elder-wizbuds

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