Weird Vitalik NFT

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November 30, 2021 – December 07, 2021





Weird Vitalik is a new NFT project where algorithmically generated unique digital pixelated images of Vitalik Buterin — the founder of Ethereum blockchain. This is the first project where non-fungible tokens (WV) are located in the digital space rocket! 

This collection created by a software engineer Alex from London, UK. Alex created all the layers of Vitalik's (Normal, Zombie, Alien) and the traits using pixel art. He then generated 3744 unique digital collectibles and added them all into the Digital Rocket! Every NFT has an unique seat number and shows it as a trait. Also, to make collectables rare there is type trait (Elite, Crew, Passenger) and class trait (VIP, Business, First, Standard, Economy) are available. The block sector trait is also visible to determine where NFT is located in the rocket. The rocket is on the official website where it flies on the blockchain network to the moon! 

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