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August 07, 2022 – August 14, 2022



Webaverse is Minting now for Free.

Webaverse's purpose designed open source game engine is a canvas for story telling which lets anyone build and monetize their virtual worlds with our creator friendly tools, gameplay scripting, low code procedural generation, ability to customize our code and SentientW tech for AI NPCs enabling immersive experiences across social, entertainment, commerce and education.

Built on the purpose designed open source Web3 native metaverse engine from Webaverse, Upstreet supports user generated content which can be dragged and dropped into the game as well as on-chain NFTs can be brought to life via our SentientW technology.

User generated content is supported in Upstreet through all standard file formats which include: video, audio, avatars, wearables, weapons, vehicles, pets, 3D models, shaders, programmatic interactions and even webpages.

The team at Webaverse believes that the metaverse should be the sum of our collective imaginations, with Upstreet being the collective story where people have the ability to self-create virtual worlds and games. If they choose to include their story in realtime as part of this virtual universe they can, and should!


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