Wall St Moms / VibeRater 2.0 Utility

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May 07, 2022 – May 14, 2022



Mother’s Day weekend May 7th: The hotly-anticipated WSM’s Classic Edition drop, consisting of 3,000 moms with each their own set of unique characteristics. An incredibly diverse range of ethnicities, outfits, elements, accessories and more (2000+ in total) set the lovely ladies apart not only from each other, but are in a league of their own as a whole. 

Distributed randomly among the classic collection are 5 custom-made Wall St Legendmommies and 1 Wall St Dad in drag, rare and sought after in all the land!

Owning a Wall St Mom NFT grants access to the highly talked about NFT assessment tool, VibeRater 2.0, in addition to a suite of perks and premium tools that current members and new holders currently enjoy. 

VIP (aka whitelist) PERKS:
1. A free-to-Mint Wall St Dad Rocket-Ed. NFT. For each Wall St Mom that’s minted.
2. First dibs on VibeRater 2.0 access. Our revolutionary NFT assessment engine launching soon. 
3. Early-Bird Pricing. The most discounted it will ever be.
4. Priority Boarding. Guaranteed minting spot & head start.
5. Low Gas Fees. Heavily gas optimized smart contracts & no gas wars.

1. Exclusive access to all of VR 2.0's Advanced and Pro-level Features
2. Exclusive access to Premium Buy/Sell/Mint/Wallet/Smart Contract Alerts for earliest alpha on hot project market movements
3. Exclusive access to educational presentations and AMAs from Industry-respected partners
4. Exclusive perks for holding a Wall St Mom AND Wall St Dad pair.
5. Exclusive Tendies ERC-20 Token Staking accruing from the moment it's first held by current owner
6. Exclusive prizes, benefits, and privileges available only through Tendies
7. Exclusive access to the DAO

For more information on what we’re building at Wall St Fam, check our website @ http://wallstfam.com, and our revolutionary new tool https://www.viberater.io

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