Wagmi Games Genisis NFT

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February 22, 2022 – March 01, 2022





WAGMI Defense is being developed as the Clash Royale of crypto with a futuristic twist. This epic aliens versus humans game is being built on unity as a browser based, mobile responsive game.

We’re creating a fun, engaging, and dynamic game that will have you playing against people around the world. WAGMI Defense will offer users an experience to play in unique arenas with epic futuristic settings.) You will have the choice of playing with two species of cards, aliens or humans, each having their unique towers, characters, power-ups, cosmetic accessories and emotes. Players will have the opportunity to wager WAGMI tokens (on ETH or BSC) through our PVP wagering system, with a planned PVE rollout that rewards users with both tokens and NFTs.

We hired the talented comic artist MaddSketch to create the initial characters in the WAGMI Games story. We will be releasing comic NFTs based on the fictional story of WAGMI DEFENSE in the future. 

In celebration of the genesis of the characters, a collection of 3022 (the year of the battle) will be minted in February 2022. The PfP collection (ERC NFTs) will include the utility of royalty of in-game NFT sales, access to in-game NFTs as well as access to the game before the general public.

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