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June 03, 2022 – June 10, 2022




Welcome to the HYPE X Roadmap HYPE X is a collection of 6,666 NFTs. our goal is to give back to the community in multiple giveaways 15% {Artist's work} the artist works 6 days a week to achieve an impeccable result 30% {the work of you} Reach 15k on the discord server 45% {Launch Website} The HYPE X website will be ready for impatient people... We will add an online game on the mint website and maybe free mints 60% {HYPE Reveal} For the Revel we will do it in two steps . -Clean the floor price
-Reach 1 ETH on OpenSea 70% {give back} Anyone has 1 legendary or has 2+ HYPE X listed 1 Eth + Will be eligible for a 50 Eth Giveaway 85% {HYPE-Token} The HYPE-Token An be used to buy Gems on HYPE X game which will be available on the AppStore and playstore 100% {Import your NFT in HYPE Game} Import your NFT into HYPE Game to mutate it and receive another HYPE X is not just NFT We are family Don't forget.... we control the market

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