Virtual Billionaires NFTs by Forbes

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April 11, 2022 – April 18, 2022




The media giant Forbes is once again riding the crest of the wave of the NFT ocean. This time, a couple of months after the first Forbes cover had been sold as NFT, the media brand announced the debut NFT collection. The exclusive series of tokens dubbed Virtual Billionaires by Forbes will be launched on a leading global cryptocurrency exchange NFT platform – FTX.

The 100 inaugural Virtual Billionaires NFT Collection depicts whimsical investors with large portfolios based on live New York Stock Exchange prices. Each Billionaire within the collection boasts unique hobbies and an eccentric Forbes accessory. The latter, by the way, will be ranked on the forthcoming Forbes Virtual NFT Billionaires List every day. 

In addition, The Forbes Billionaires NFTs will have their unique custom-developed profile pages with illustrated headshots for each processed by creative 2D and 3D illustrators and animators Goodog and ItsACat. The wallet address of each holder will also be listed under the name of the billionaire he owns on Forbes’ official ranking page.

Each of 100 initial portfolios is stored in the blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. All Forbes subscribers had been provided with early access to Virtual Billionaires on April 11th, while the public sale is happening on April 13th.

We are excited to partner with Forbes on their first NFT sale and will continue to encourage innovation and entry into the digital asset community,” Tristan Yver, Head of Strategy at FTX US commented on the joint NFT collection with Forbes.

 “The Virtual Billionaires NFT collection marks an important step in Forbes’ Web3 journey. Now, we’re cementing our place in the Metaverse by launching these interactive collectibles that can be authenticated and traded on the blockchain,” Vadim Supitskiy, Chief Technology Officer, Forbes, commented on the initial drop against the backdrop of selling the Forbes cover as an NFT in late 2021.

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