Van Gogh’s Heritage Sites NFT Collection

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October 10, 2022 – October 15, 2022

The abundant legacy of one of the most celebrated artists of all time, Van Gogh, has been transferred to web3. Thus, the Van Gogh Sites Foundation (VGSF) and the Hong Kong-based web3 platform Appreciator have joined efforts to bring the first-ever Van Gogh NFT collection to the world.

So, the Van Gogh NFT series features 39 NFTs in total. The first 1-6 issues were launched on October 10th while other NFTs will also be released throughout the year.

The first six assets come in the form of exclusive multimedia art pieces: three of the Millennium tier and three of the Century tier, accordingly. While the Millennium NFTs are already sold out, the most refined collectors can still purchase any of the three Century artworks, which are worthy to become centerpieces of their collections, at $880 per NFT.

The collectibles depict 39 re-imaginings of heritage sites, in Brabant, the Netherlands, where Vincent van Gogh lived and created. Thus, each NFT represents one of Van Gogh’s significant landmark places of origin. Besides, NFTs from the Century tier featuring green linden tree leaves symbolize the artist's connection with rural nature and the earth as a whole. The Hong Kong artists also focused on natural sites, people, and the quiet life of Brabant, which were so dear to Van Gogh's heart.

“These NFTs shed light on the life of Van Gogh. By understanding the locales of his birthplace and childhood and the natural environment where he found much inspiration, peace, and solace, the public can fully appreciate the artist’s vision and work,” Mr. Frank van den Eijnden, Director of VGSF, commented on the first drop.

The Century art pieces comprising the works from the fourth to the sixth come in 50 editions each. At the time of writing, only 15 editions of each of the three NFTs titled Vincent van Gogh Huis Zundert, Van Gogh church Zundert, and Sexton’s house Zundert, are available for purchase to everyone willing. 

Of course, each NFT comes with a special set of benefits. In addition to a superb NFT, every minter acquires a blue-chip animated artwork and a signed certificate of ownership from the VGSF.

Pay tribute to the intimate legacy of the prized fine art genius and start forming your own Van Gogh NFT gallery.

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