TwelveFold NFT Collection by Yuga Labs on Bitcoin Blockchain

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March 05, 2023 – March 06, 2023



Bitcoin Ordinals

The arrival of the Ordinals Protocol, which allows for the creation of Bitcoin NFTs, has caused a real tsunami in web3. Today, more and more companies and brands are jumping into Bitcoin-driven initiatives. One of the latest adepts of Ordinals is the largest web3 company Yuga Labs. The renowned brand is releasing its first generative NFT collection limited to only 300 artsy pieces dubbed TwelveFold inscribed on satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain. This collection will be the most prominent launch on the Ordinals protocol so far. 

According to Yuga Labs’ co-founder, Greg Solano, the company is "excited about Ordinal inscriptions and what the future holds for digital artifacts on Bitcoin.” 

Being represented as ‘a visual allegory for the cartography of data on the Bitcoin blockchain’, TwelveFold embodies the relationship between time, mathematics, and variability.

Each satoshi-driven NFT is made up of 12x12 grids and features the artsy match of 3D images and hand-drawn elements. TwelveFold is an experimental collection, which won't coincide with other Yuga Labs' Ethereum-driven IP, neither the existing one nor those non-fungible projects to be released in the future. The series of assets was created in-house by Yuga Labs’ art team using 3D modeling, algorithmic construction, and high-end rendering tools.

It dramatically differs from all other NFT collections ever released by Yuga. Thus, unlike its precursors, consisting of 10K and more NFTs, TwelveFold will be composed of only 300 assets.

The series will become available for purchase in early March. The exact date will be announced on Yuga Labs' official news portal and the Twitter page, followed by a 24-hour notice. The assets will be realized through an auction, accepting bids in Bitcoin. 

To take part in the auction, the bidders will need a self-custodial wallet with a positive balance in Bitcoin, as well as an empty Bitcoin address to receive the NFT in case of a winning bid.

Add some Bitcoin to your wallets and join the Yuga Lab's first-ever experimental Ordinals NFT initiative!

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