ThisIsNumberOne (v2)

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March 17, 2023 – March 24, 2023




Bitcoin Ordinals

This Is Number One launched the first Stacks NFT marketplace in April 2021 and was behind the first ever sale of a Stacks Bitcoin NFT - Mine by Cara Delevingne and Chemical X on the 10th of July 2021, part of the Stacks Genesis Collection. The first audio-visual NFTs ever minted on Bitcoin featuring other globally recognised artists such as Fatboy Slim, Orbital and Dave Stewart all creating exclusive content for their pieces.

Following this, the #1 team commissioned the first multiple edition music / mixed media NFT collection - The No. 1 Smileys created exclusively for Stacks by Fatboy Slim and Chemical X. 

#1 then followed this up with the first algorithmically generated art collection on Stacks - Hash Ones

The No 1. Smileys were the first of many giveaways from the team behind This Is Number One and the collection was minted by early stacks community members in August 2021. Not only were they the first ever Bitcoin Music NFT collection but also the first piece of music ever released as an NFT by the globally recognised superstar producer Fatboy Slim.

This Is Number One created the first algorithmically generated art collection native to Stacks and Bitcoin called Hash Ones. Originally planned as a collection of 111 pieces only 91 Hash Ones were minted and, to test early marketplace functionality, each Hash One was sold for just 1 STX. The entire collection was sold for a grand total of 91 STX and with a current floor price of 999 STX the collection now has a total value approaching 100,000 STX.

ThisIsNumberOne-V2 was the very earliest Stacks NFT contract built for artists. It was written before there were any improvement protocols (SIPs) in place around NFTs.

Currently both collections (No. 1 Smileys and Hash Ones) are hosted on the same contract.

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