Loop Isle

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March 17, 2023 – March 24, 2023




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Arno from Earth and Longstreet collaborate to bring you a four-part animated musical collection titled "Loop Isle." 

Rather than holding a more traditional random mint, this collection is "pre-minted" and Arno has created placeholder loops to ensure that everyone can chose to mint only the piece(s) they want. The final reveal will occur after all 90 pieces have been minted. 

This collection takes place on an island that is under a magical spell, resulting in the creation of a plethora of magical creatures. Initially, the island appears to be a joyous and contented place, but there is a darker side to this paradise. The spell has entrapped time, causing an infinite loop where some are enjoying the best moments of their lives while others are trapped in an endless nightmare.

Part 1 of 4 ("Fruits on the Move") is released March 15th and consists of:

35/35 Strawberry Steed
30/30 Banana Brett
25/25 ...(revealed after mint out)

Anyone holding all three will receive a special limited edition NFT, part of another upcoming collection from Arno and Longstreet. 

A new batch is released roughly every 3 months and will include 3 new musical animations. Each batch is designed around a theme and all characters will live in the same Loop Isle universe. Each animation will have no more than 35 editions, and some will be more rare than others.

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