The Weeds NFT

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February 28, 2022 – March 07, 2022





The Weeds is a community driven NFT project offering exclusive membership to a world wide community of cannabis enthusiasts where BREEDING and GAMING offer opportunity for EARNING! Only 420 OG strain handrawn NFT's will be created, then the breeding kicks in..
The community can breed trade and compete in The Smoke Off to earn rep and reward. Crossbreeding is encouraged to discover new vibrant strains. Build your rep and earn Fire supplier status. Each strain can breed once per month. A seedling will arrive in your wallet which will mature in 30 days. Once fully mature the seedling is ready to be bred, compete or sold on the market fo new comers to the game.

Each original strain will go on sale via Opensea for 0.1 Eth. The game will be launched on the Polygon Network. The generation number will increase depending on which strain is bred. If you breed a gen 5 with a gen 5, you will receive a male or female gen 10. To breed a male plant must pollinate a female plant via our pollination station. You will receive the seedling immediately.

Weed enthusiasts, opportunity awaits.

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