Bad Cats NFT

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February 27, 2022 – April 03, 2022





With 90% from their white list filled with owners from bored ape yacht club, mayc, doodles, neotokyo, azuki  and many other powerful collections in the space, they can definitely be proud of gathering strong holders around them. That would be a first call to a blue chip. 

A second one would be the team behind the project. The founder eddie alias (propheth) a web / mobile app dev having an experience of coding and working in the field for more than 10 years. He had a huge new vision on how things really work and completely changed his mindset after an internship at google in 2016. The art is created by the italian artist andy which put his over 12 years of digital art & ui/ux design experience into this amazing collection.  

A third call for a blue chip would be the p2e upcoming game where you can play using the nfts as avatars in the game but that’s not all! They plan on building a fight club into the metaverse where you can hang with fellow bad cats. And the possibilities are truly infinite in this space. Check out their roadmap.

Bad cats doing good things! 

We’ve seen so many successful and incredible projects out there! From tokens to staking etc. What will really differentiate this project from others will be the fact that the main purpose is charity compared to other nft daos where the main focus is to produce money and gain for their own good! This dao is aiming to help the ones in need! Their main focus is the battle against cancer and helping sick children! 

Donating 45+ eth from initial sale to save the children will bring the light on this collection and since the donation will be available and be tracked on their website, this will bring a big value. Apart from that, they will donate weekly % of the royalties to an ngo voted by owners. Each cat is 1 vote power. And this way they can continue to support different ngos from week to week.

Why you would like bad cats? 

Apart from all mentioned above the cats look really incredible with over 80 pop culture inspired traits they will definitely throw you back in the good old 80s vibe ! We got a few sneak peeks so you can have a look. 

Conclusion: you guys don’t want to miss out this mint which is on 14th feb. Might be your chance to join other diamond hands and build the next bayc. Follow them on their twitter for more information @badcatsfc

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