The Miami Beach Art Collection by Playboy

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July 09, 2021 – July 11, 2021






On July 9th, Playboy in collaboration with 4 renowned artists releases ‘The Miami Beach Art Collection’ on SuperRare. This is the first curation partnership of Playboy and the SuperRare platform.

We are glad to feature Playboy in our NFT Calendar again. Being the platform that appreciates freedom and self-expression, Playboy really conquers millions of hearts with its ideas and actions.

Within the collection, there will be original artworks by REK0DE, Jon Noorlander, Ayla El-Moussa, and MBSJQ: ‘Twice as Vice’ by REK0DE x Playboy, ‘Miami Day and Night’ by Jon Noorlander x Playboy, ‘Miami Dance’ by MBSJQ x Playboy, ‘Ride the Wave’ by Ayla El-Moussa x Playboy.

Each artist will mint the artworks themselves from their own accounts/ETH wallets, and then will transfer them to Playboy to sell.

However, Playboy will also mint one artwork, titled ‘Bunny Kathy’, that is a heritage photo from Playboy Archives. By the way, the first collector of the NFT will receive a framed limited edition print, courtesy of the Playboy Archives.

These original animated NFT that drop within the collection are inspired by three powerful themes: Miami, crypto-currency, and Playboy’s iconic Rabbit Head logo.

“For nearly 70 years, our mischievous, bow-tied mascot has served as a blank canvas for artists of every ilk from every corner of the globe—(and now, the metaverse). We couldn’t think of a more fitting source of visual inspiration for Playboy’s first-ever collection of animated NFTs than the symbol that started it all.” – comments Playboy.

Add the drop to your calendars not to miss such a great collaboration between Playboy, SuperRare, and four renowned artists!

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