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Jon Noorlander

Jon Noorlander is a 3D digital artist born in Sweden. He began training as an architect having been inspired by his dad who was in the same field. He discovered his love for art in his teenage years and was majorly inspired by his father who was an architect. He took a course in Computer Graphics and later on moved to London where he started his career in VFX/Design. The 20 years he has spent perfecting his skills have made him rise to the position of Creative Director at Method Studios in New York. Jon expresses his artistic mind through various forms of art including print, sculpture, and motion graphics.

The Bitcoin VS Fiat collection is by far his most captivating release since he joined Nifty Gateway. It features 3 paintings which depict how paper currency is getting phased out by cryptocurrency. The artist says he draws inspiration from Houdini’s node based approach and can be caught trying to figure out his inner Houdini when he is not working on clients' projects.

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