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Jon Noorlander

Jon Noorlander is a 3D digital artist born in Sweden. He began training as an architect, having been inspired by his dad, who was working in the same field. Jon discovered his love for art in his teenage years and later leaned towards digital art as he got more experience in creative designs.

Jon took a Computer Graphics course in Sweden and later moved to London, where he started his career in VFX/Design. He spent eight years there while collaborating with several studios. Over the past 20 years, the artist has lived and worked in Sweden, London, Los Angeles, and New York City. 

His artistic designs, usually bold, contemporary, and abstract, are conveyed through print, sculpture, and motion graphics. Jon admits that he got intense tutoring for motion artwork from famed artists Tim Swift and Mike Alderson before the craft became easier with technology. One of his favorite art tools is Houdini. Jon explains that he spends time exploring his creativity with the software whenever he is not engaged with clients’ projects.

Jon’s artistic journey has seen him reach several milestones. He once had his artwork displayed in a Mexican-based art gallery. The artist has also worked with top clients like Nike, MTV, eBay, VW, Syfy, Nascar, Range Rover, and FOX. Currently, he is the Global Executive Creative Director at Method Studios in New York.

Jon joined the NFT space in mid-2020 and has consistently produced artwork inspired by his time in the industry. Among his NFT collections displayed on Nifty Gateway is the FIAT vs. Bitcoin collectibles, which is by far his most captivating release. The artwork features three paintings that depict how paper currency is getting phased out by cryptocurrency. Most of Jon’s other NFT artworks have been published on other marketplaces like SuperRare and OpenSea and have been recognized by collectors and enthusiasts. 

Jon’s rich art gallery is a delight for collectors seeking fresh 3D designs brewed by a brilliantly artistic mind. Explore Jon Noorlander’s artwork and get inspired!

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