The Furman Files

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April 27, 2023 – May 04, 2023




Teddy Furman NFTs are part of the Animated TV Series called “Not From There”. The show will be centred around the comedic adventures of a sloth named Ari who dreams of being the fastest Sloth alive and his fast talking, well-travelled, short tempered, honey loving friend Teddy Furman who is a bear. Teddy Furman NFTs live on the Cardano blockchain and will be stuffed full of delicious NFTCreative utility!

The Furman Files phase 1 consists of just 1000 Teddy Furman NFTs. These NFTs will earn NFTCreative token $NFTC every EPOCH! They also come with a 3D Metaverse asset that can be placed in your Metaverse accomodation. Holders of Furman Files NFTs will also benefit from the profits of the animated series!

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