The Chaotic Embrace

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January 29, 2023 – February 05, 2023



The Chaotic Embrace is an NFT project which is very authentic.
We have managed to unite in one project the real and the digital. 2D and 3D paintings that are all painted and created by the hands of our artist Celine.
The paintings have been digitized and each painting has been cut into puzzle pieces according to the size and difficulty of creating each painting. The total number of puzzle pieces is 1400.

You will be able to buy the puzzle pieces from our site on minting date, at the same time on 2 blockchains. 700 pieces on Cardano and 700 pieces on Solana. Two different blockchains, one crypto community. We are all crypto and NFT lovers, so we think this will help the two worlds come closer.

The goal.

The goal is to collect the puzzle pieces of each painting so you can create the whole artwork. Whoever succeeds, will be able to burn the pieces for free and create the entire art in NFT for free. This will bring passive income to the owner in the third phase of the project.

The phases.

The project will have 3 phases.

  • The first phase has its minting date on 29 January 2023.
  • The second phase will have its minting date in the spring of 2023 at a date to be announced later.
  • The third phase is to move our project to our gallery in the metaverse. There, each owner will be able to place his painting in the gallery and receive rewards from each visitor who comes to the gallery, from the events we will hold, etc.

The gallery will be able to have other paintings from other partner projects as well, which will increase the traffic in the gallery and thus increase passive income.

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