Takeshi turtles

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April 15, 2022 – April 15, 2022


Magic Eden



The Takeshi Turtles are Coming and they are ready for WAR!

All our turtles are Game Engine ready and tested for animation.
every turtle is armed up from more than 250 possible traits. And a limited number of 1/1 turtles are hiding amongst them with totally different traits and personalities.

Stake your Takeshi turtles to earn $TAKESHI
Shortly after mint staking system will be introduced for our holders and you will be rewarded with $TAKESHI.

TAKESHI TOKEN will be used in our in-game marketplace with which you can upgrade your turtle to a whole new level making it more unique and supreme.

Exclusive post mint Airdrops for Takeshi turtle holders only if you have a turtle in your wallet at the time of distribution!

Funds allotment
Funds from the DAO wallet will be used to buy NFTs from other successful project to host a giveaway for our DAO members and much more!

a whole new world will be available to explore where each turtle can fight for survival and land!

We welcome all of you with wide open arms, to become a part of our journey and explore the TakeshiVerse together!

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